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HR Stalker Vizsla 
Home of the versatile family hunting companion.

Our 2024 litter is spoken for, All of these pups have found new forever homes. Thank you to everyone who shared our site with friends and family. Our next litter is planned for 2026 $1300 limited or $1500 full registration.  Please text or call 605-695-2869 or e-mail for more information on available pups. 

Pups from Earlier Roscoe/Lady breeding.

Be sure to visit all of our pages for pictures, prices and more, by clicking icon in header. 

Our Goals

At HR Stalker Vizsla we strive for 3 basic traits in our breeding program.

#1 Healthy energetic dogs free of hereditary problems.
#2 A hunting dog that is a friendly, trainable, family pet with mild temperament.
#3 A bird dog that has a strong, natural, instinctive hunting ability as a pointer and a retriever.

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