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An afternoon hunt with Zues and Maggie

The Vizsla breed originated in Hungary. For centuries the breed was a well-guarded treasure of Hungarian
Royal Families. They cherished their dogs and were very meticulous in their breeding. No dogs were ever sold
or allowed outside of the country. During World War II the Vizsla line was nearly destroyed. It took years of
dedicated breeding to bring the line back to the quality dogs we have today.

The Vizsla stands 22-26 inches tall and weighs between 40-60 lbs. Some larger bred dogs making 65 lbs. The
color of the dog is best described as golden rust from the tip of the nose to the bottoms of the feet. They
commonly have small patches of white on the chest and occasionally on the toes although solid color rusts are
desired. The Vizsla coat is fine soft haired they shed little and are very clean dogs. Their temperament is very
mild. The Vizsla loves human companionship. They always strive to please their master and spend as much of
their time with humans as they are allowed.

The Vizsla was breed mainly as a versatile hunting dog. In the field it works water and land to hunt both fur
and feather. The breed excels in pointing and retrieving upland birds. As a pointer they are a close working
dog always keeping contact with their masters. They point solid hold steady, and make an excellent retriever.

They are easily trained due to their interest in pleasing you, and their strong hunting instincts.

Not for every one:
The Vizsla is a high energy dog it needs a chance to run and burn off energy, although content to lay around
the house and enjoy human companionship, the need to get out and run is part of their lifestyle. They are not
high strung like some breeds but are full of energy. They also need lots of human companionship. The Vizsla
is not a breed to be locked up in a kennel for days at a time while only seeing people at feeding time. They are
a very social dog and need human contact. The Vizsla is also not a cold water dog. The hide and coat, on a
Vizsla is not heavy enough to handle the ice water retrieves. Although I live in SD and my dogs have no
problem when kenneled outside in the wintertime hunting on the coldest days, and they are used to retrieve ducks from the water in the fall I would not consider having them break ice to retrieve birds.

About Our Dogs:
We have been raising the Vizsla for over thirty years now. We have a family raised and loved line of dogs.
The main objective in our breeding program is to raise a healthy, intelligent, energetic, quality, family and
hunting companion dog with a mild temperament. Our Vizsla tends to run on the smaller side males averaging 48 lbs.
And averaging 22-24 inches tall. Each puppy has visited the vet at least twice before it is allowed to go to a
new home. Our breeding stock is OFA certified at 2 years old and we do require that individuals purchasing
dogs from us have them certified at 2 years as well for us to honor health guaranties. We have a 14-day well
pup guarantee that covers the health of the pup. We ask that you take the pup to the vet within the first
fourteen days after you have taken delivery. If they find anything at all wrong with the pup you may return it for
a full refund of the purchase price. Shipping is not refunded. 

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